Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Programs

Why should I sign up with Global Journeys Academy?

Global Journeys designs exciting educational-travel programs that provide meaningful and enhanced learning experiences for students. And we have been doing this for almost 20 years. We are a registered private school that offers and grants secondary school credits and volunteer opportunities abroad – creating globally conscious citizens.

With an enviable history of developing state of the art educational travel experiences, our programs are rarely surpassed in terms of student safety, staff dedication, and relevant course content.

Here is why we are great at what we do:

  • Academic integrity and a great reputation
  • Awesome programs with amazing excursions to explore the world
  • Solid curriculum tied to locations
  • Certified, qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers
  • Professional, well-traveled, efficient, informed, and multi-lingual staff
  • Staff are available and willing to work 24 hours a day with students
  • Great accommodations and tasty local meals
  • Sincere concern for student safety
  • Excellent follow-up and amazing customer service

Still not convinced? Ask us for references from past students and parents.

Who are the Teachers?

Teachers are Ontario College of Teachers-Certified, and come from public, private and separate schools across the province – as do the  students. They have years of experience in teaching and share a passion for exploration, discovery and knowledge which is the essence of educational travel. May of them are Heads of Departments, Curriculum Writers and VPs in their home schools and join us year after year to inspire our students.

How do we choose the locations for our programs?

All our programs are specifically relevant to the locations we visit. Our team researches each location thoroughly, site inspections take place in advance, and programs are designed with great care to come up with an itinerary that is safe, fun, exciting and tied into the curriculum that teachers will be covering with students.

When are classes taught and for how many hours?

Classes are usually held on Monday to Friday for four to six hours in conjunction with or in addition to site visits. Class time is held in classrooms at university campuses or in conference rooms in hotels as well as at archaeological, historical or environmentally relevant sites – such as at the Roman Forum in Italy, at a museum or café in France, in the Rainforest in Australia or at the Barrier Reefs in Bermuda – where teachers bring your course to life! In some instances we have online segments prior to departure to ensure you are well prepared, allowing us to reduce the course work load onsite.

What is the class size?

Each class has no more than 15 students and so the number of students per program will depend on the number of classes. An average class size is 10 – 12 students per class.

Do I need to bring or buy books for the program?

Teachers supply students with work books or resource packages that have everything that is required for the program.  However, you will be informed prior to departure about books that may be required for your particular course.

Will I receive a reading list before going on my trip and have the opportunity to prepare for the course in advance?

Definitely!  You will meet your teacher prior to the start of your course and before leaving for your adventure where you will be given course information, independent study unit topics, and reading lists.  Some prep work will be required as this does help in cutting down your workload on site.  While on site, teachers and program assistants will be conferencing with you and tutorials will be set up to assist you as well. Assistance will always be available.

Are there computers available or can I bring my laptop?

Many of our programs include free access to computers for word processing and internet use. Please call or email us for details regarding your specific program.

For areas where there is limited access, our staff will direct you to nearby facilities which will offer services at low cost to students.
You can definitely bring your laptop/tablet if you wish to do so. Please note you are responsible for the security of your laptop if you do decide to bring it.

Will I have any free time for myself?

Definitely! After class you can use the afternoon to study, relax, shop or explore with another student member or group of student members and then meet up with the group again for dinner. You are required to sign in and out with your teachers and carry contact information staff provide at all times. After dinner you have free time once again until curfew. Activities are also organized for you outside of class time both in the afternoons and evenings if you want to participate – such activities include walks, picnics, movie nights, basketball, water polo games, visits to museums, galleries, and local theatre productions – all based on the general group’s interest and requests. To ensure your safety, the location of some of our programs may determine when you can head out with other students without staff present.

How can you guarantee my child’s safety?

Safety is one of our key concerns – we have meetings with students prior to departure – an orientation session is set up on the day of arrival to ensure students are aware, comfortable and knowledgeable of our surroundings, cultural differences, and locations of all staff.  Students are informed of all our “rules” in advance and are expected to adhere. Students are not allowed to head out on their own without other students present and no overnight stays outside of residence are allowed.  Students are not allowed to drive motorized vehicles and can only ride in motorized vehicles with family with written permission from parents.  We have a curfew which students must abide by and any behaviour which is deemed unacceptable will be dealt with immediately and is taken very seriously.  We want you to have a positively amazing experience and a safe one!

Are staff available in Canada while students are abroad?

Absolutely! Our office remains open throughout the year – and staff are always available to assist parents with any of their needs while our groups are abroad. Our integrity, the quality of our programs and our reputation goes unmatched and so we guarantee to be available when you need us – at the airport, at the office, or abroad!

Is there a staff person who speaks the languages of the countries we will be visiting?

We will always have a staff member or a local representative onsite who speaks the language of the country where we are located to assist the group in every way.

Can I board with a friend?

Yes you can.  You can indicate whom you wish to room with on your application form and if it is possible to place you together we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Rooming is usually in twins and in some cases triples, unless otherwise stated. Should students wish to reside in single rooms when this is not applicable to the respective program, there may be an option to do so and a supplement fee will be applied.

How much money should I bring?

Yes you can.  You can indicate whom you wish to room with on your application form and if it is possible to place you together we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Rooming is usually in twins and in some cases triples, unless otherwise stated. Should students wish to reside in single rooms when this is not applicable to the respective program, there may be an option to do so and a supplement fee will be applied.

How can my parents, other family and friends reach me while we are away?

We will be providing all parents, legal guardians and students information lists with residence locations, staff contact names, and phone and fax numbers for each programs. In some sites phones are located in students’ rooms and incoming calls are transferred by reception.  In areas where phones are not available in students’ rooms parents can leave messages at reception and they will inform students to return their call that day. Should the call be of an urgent nature students will be notified immediately.  Parents can also call the Global Journeys office in Mississauga if they are having any difficulty with communication lines.

What are Program Enhancements and what is the cost?

Our programs include so many activities and site visits but for those students who wish to explore areas beyond the focus of the program and outside of the region in which our programs are located – this is your opportunity to do so! The excursions are supervised and organized for you prior to departure – which means you don’t have to worry about organizing this yourself and you will always have others to travel with.

Half Day excursions cost approximately $75 – $105; Full Day Excursions cost $145 – $250.
Note several of our programs include all excursions/program enhancements – see the program of your choice for further details.

What happens if I decide not to sign up for Program Enhancements?

Most students sign up for all or most of the excursions to enhance their cultural experience abroad. However, for those who choose not to go on particular excursions – they can be assured that a number of teachers and staff will always be available at our residence for assistance of any kind.  Those who stay behind can use their time to study, relax or explore the city along with another student group member.  We do ask you to sign up for excursions prior to your departure. If you are on location and decide to join us for an excursion which you originally did not sign up for, we will try our best to add you to the excursion if space is available but cannot guarantee this.

Do we get to go swimming?

Absolutely you can go swimming – where you go swimming depends on the program you have selected.  Most hotels have pools on site which we have complete access to and university residences have sport centers nearby which charge a small fee.

What type of insurance should I purchase?

Full Medical & Cancellation/Interruption Travel Insurance is mandatory. You can purchase comprehensive insurance through us when you submit your application and this provides all medical, emergency medical, interruption, cancellation, baggage delays, loss of personal effects, flight accident, travel accident, emergency transportation (flight home) coverage. If you have your own medical/cancellation/interruption insurance you will be required to provide our office with the details.

Can I arrange my own flight and stay longer if I want to?

We recommend you fly with the group only because this gives you an opportunity to bond with everyone. It is really where all the fun starts!  However, if you wish to make alternative flight arrangements or wish to extend your trip once the program is over simply call us and we will provide you with the details to make this happen.

What type of currency should I bring along?

This will depend on the program you will be taking and we will provide you with all that information prior to departure.  We recommend you bring some cash on hand for the first few days until you get the chance to go to a bank.  Also having a combination of sources of funds is ideal. In addition to some cash, bring a bank card, re-loadable card or a credit card.

What kind of meals do we get?

Breakfasts and dinners are included in all programs and in some programs lunches are also included – for example Australia, Costa Rica, and Bermuda include all 3 meals. Check details that are specified for your program on our website or in our brochure. The meals will vary based on the location you are visiting and will always have local cuisine for you to experience as well as things you recognize.  For most people, the local cuisine will be very different from their usual home meals and this is all part of experiencing a new country.  If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies just let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

How many students are there to each room?

You are placed in single, twin or triple rooms depending on the location of the program. While in the Outback in Australia (for about 2-3 nights) you would be in triples or quads.

Are there refrigerators to store my medication?

We ask that you inform us on your application form of any medication you will need to take while on our programs – which helps should an emergency arise.  If your medication needs to be refrigerated please inform us in advance and we will make arrangements to ensure you are accommodated.

What type of transportation do we use?

Private motor coaches, planes, trains, and ferries. This depends on the program you have selected and locations we will be visiting.

Will I be allowed to go out in the evenings?

Students can go out in the evenings after dinner as long as they are accompanied by another fellow student or students.  We do expect students to discuss with their teacher and staff where they are planning on going and to follow our sign out/in procedure – this ensures we can be of assistance should you ever need it. The guidelines however will vary based on program location and is at the discretion of staff on site. In some cases you will head out as a group, be given time to explore, and return as a group. We want you to have an amazing time but would like you to come home safely too!

Do I need a Visa?

Canadian students going on the New Zealand/Australia program will require visas for Australia and this is processed by Global Journeys.

Students on the Southeast Asia and China program must obtain their own visas as this cannot be processed by the Global Journeys office. There is a charge for these visas which students will pay directly to the respective consulates issuing the visas. We will advise students accordingly on the time to apply for their visas and the process.

Students who do not hold Canadian passports should inform Global Journeys staff and they will direct you to the correct embassy to obtain the appropriate information.

What is the luggage weight allowance?

Remember, travel light!!! Because you will be carrying your own baggage around!  And charges for overweight baggage can get expensive – so leave some room for those special things you wish to bring back with you from your trip.  You will be informed of weight allowances in your travel information package in early May. Keep in mind that weight allowances are subject to change.

Can I visit relatives or friends and stay at their home overnight?

These programs are designed to offer a group experience and in order for our staff to monitor your safety we cannot allow overnight stays.  You can definitely visit your family or friends abroad but if you are leaving the city and will be missing dinner we will need written permission from your parents and contact information.

We're here for you!

For all of your needs, please contact us by email, phone, or visit us in person.

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