Our Journey

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
- Lao Tzu -

Welcome to Global Journeys Academy of Learning!

As an educator and lifelong learner, I believe that life's journey is full of learning opportunities. That’s why at Global Journeys Academy we offer so much more than just a credit: we offer students global opportunities, opportunities to see and experience the world and learn how to adapt to different environments, face new challenges, and embrace fresh opportunities within our increasingly globalized world.

Our exceptional programs bring learning to life: teachers that inspire, encourage, and make learning fun; course material that is integrated and tailored to onsite locations; and onsite activities that extend learning beyond the classroom. We offer rich, challenging, and fun programs that transform a student’s learning.

Research has shown the life-changing impact that studying abroad has on student success, not only in terms of improved academic outcomes, but also on personal development. International experiences help students develop curiosity, resilience, and tolerance, whilst encouraging positive attitudes towards civic engagement and global responsibility. I’m proud to be leading a school dedicated to shaping active and aware global citizens.

At Global Journeys Academy our mission is to connect students with the best programs and teachers to create a journey of a lifetime! Are you ready to join us?

Dr. Lisa Trentin, Principal

Our Students

Students who join our programs have a keen interest in expanding their boundaries, both physically and intellectually. We attract highly academic and adventurous students who want a journey like no other.

Time and time again, our students attest to the benefits of an international education: friendships that last a lifetime, lessons that resonate beyond the curriculum, and travels that break down (social – cultural – religious) barriers.

Join the Journey!

Our Teachers

Our exceptional teachers motivate students to do more, see more, and learn more, providing them with a solid foundation for the workforce or higher learning at college and university.

All of our teachers are OCT-qualified and come from schools across Ontario. They have years of teaching experience and are innovators in their fields: Heads of Departments, Curriculum Writers, and Vice Principals!

Additionally, our teachers have a range of travel and volunteer experience, as well as First Aid + CPR training, to ensure a safe and satisfying learning experience abroad.

CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Study, Volunteer, or Work Abroad!

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