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Learn to Scuba Dive in Malta!

Do you love the outdoors and being active? Have you always wanted to learn how to Scuba Dive? Join Global Journeys Academy for an exciting program in Malta that will allow you to become a Certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver, and an Emergency First Responder.

PADI certification will be through a certified dive training facility and your teacher/instructor will accompany you as your certified dive master.

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Overall Itinerary

First inhabited by Late Stone Age Sicilian farmers and later taken over by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs from Tunisia, and masters of ruling houses in Europe – Malta fell under British rule in 1814. Now part of the European Union, the strategically located island has in turn developed into a nation with foods and a language that reflects all of these cultures!

Our journey begins in Valletta, the capital of Malta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valletta is lively and bustling city with many cafes and shops, as well as stunning architecture. In Valetta we’ll visit the National Museum of Archaeology and take a day trip to the amazing archaeological sites of Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim.

While in Valletta you’ll participate in various outdoor activities including kayaking along the rugged coastline into caves, grottoes and bays; hiking, biking and running on trails around the island; and swimming and snorkelling at the many sandy beaches around the island. You also have the option of trying standup paddle boarding.

Malta has two sister islands which you’ll visit by ferry, including Comino with its crystal clear waters, and Gozo with its historical sites, 6000 year old archaeological ruins, and some of the best snorkelling and dive sites in the world.

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Scuba Certification in Malta

Your 10-day stay in Malta includes:

  • Transportation on the islands of Malta (private coaches, ferry)
  • Accommodation in 4/5 star hotels
  • All meals (unless otherwise noted)
  • Entrance to archaeological sites, museums, and city tours w/ guide

Extras: Return airfare – Toronto to Malta.
Flights can be arranged by our travel partner, STS Travel.

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Program Dates

August 17
August 27

(2023 dates abroad are subject to change)

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