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Journey to Bermuda

Interested in the sciences and getting a credit in biology? Or keen on marine biology and conservation? This program is for you!

Our unique program combines an online course followed by onsite studies and field work in Bermuda, while residing at one of the world’s oldest and leading research stations, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS).

Global Journeys has run programs at BIOS for the last 12 years. This facility is renowned for examining the connection between the ocean and human health, climate change, marine science, and coral reef ecology.

We are very proud of the conservation field work performed by our past students and teachers over the last decade and GJ plans to continue this for years to come – you can be a part of this amazing work!

Our residence at BIOS is situated on a hilltop overlooking the beach – only steps away from where you can kayak, swim, and snorkel.

While in Bermuda we sail to North Rock to experience a breathtaking underwater world and snorkel for hours to view the incredible marine life on the coral reefs such as Parrot fish, large Squid and Groupers; head out to various bays for day and night snorkelling with headlamps and underwater flashlights to examine species that light up the waters in the dark; explore hidden caves and swim amongst the stalactites and stalagmites; study native trees, plants and birds; learn about the effects of hurricanes on the island; and visit the sand dunes and mangroves that surround the island.

Bermuda has a sub-tropical climate and consists of 350 islands created by underwater volcanic eruptions that took place over 100 million years ago. The islands as they appear today were sculpted by ocean currents and covered by limestone – as a result Bermuda is surrounded by the northernmost coral reef in the world which created the pink coloured sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters for which Bermuda is famous!

The island’s compact size, plethora of shipwrecks, differing tidal times, and abundance of coral reefs and marine life provides an ideal study ground for hands on fieldwork projects that are incorporated into your program.

Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to obtain a credit course and also be involved in helping GJ preserve sections of this beautiful island through reforestation, removal of invasive species, and participate in beach cleanups to rid the waters of plastics and other harmful materials.

This will be an amazing experience for you to see science in action and have a real impact on the environment!

Program Cost


Includes Applicable Airport Taxes/Fees
+ $100 Student Application Fee
(Program cost subject to change after December 15, 2022)

Program Details

This Program Includes:

  • Round trip from Toronto to Bermuda with transfers
  • Accommodation at Biological Research Station
  • Full breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Complete computer, library and lab access
  • 24-hour free wireless internet access
  • Academic instruction & course materials
  • Exploring and snorkelling inside caves
  • Sailing & snorkelling on Coral Reefs to view colourful marine life
  • Night snorkelling to explore nocturnal marine species
  • Beach trek along pristine coastline
  • Behind-the-scenes aquarium visit with BIOS researchers
  • Volunteer projects led by BIOS researchers

Additional Cost Excursions:

  • Kayaking Tour
  • Jet Ski Adventure
  • Paddle Boarding Tour
  • Crystal and Fantasy Caves Tour

Courses Offered Include:

    Prerequisite: Grade 9 Science, Academic or Applied
    Prerequisite: Grade 10 Science, Academic
    Prerequisite: Grade 11 Biology, University Preparation
    Prerequisite: Any university, university/ college, or college prep course in Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian and World Studies or English

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Program Dates

July 3
July 17
July 19
July 30

(2023 dates abroad are subject to minor change)

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