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Journey to Ecuador

Ecuador provides an amazing snapshot of South America where students find themselves in the perfect environment to study many complex and fragile ecosystems. Students will have hands on opportunities to witness the relationship between humans and the effects of their activities on the environment, the issues of environmental degradation, the need to protect our natural environment and resources, and the benefits of sustainable development at work!

Our adventure takes us to a country that is home to more biodiversity per square kilometer than any other place in the world! Our group will be guided through the colonial old town of Quito, surrounded by massive mountains and then into the colourful local markets of Otavalo giving you time to explore, shop, discover the historic sites and experience the culture of Ecuador.

We travel next through Andean Valleys, in the high altitude grasslands, and visit some of the largest volcanoes in the world. Our adventure continues on to explore the Amazon rainforests and relax in the hot springs – experiencing the diverse species and geographical nature of the country. En route we visit local communities to meet school children and farmers for an authentic introduction to the history, culture and political-social organization of the region.

Although students will find themselves surrounded by lush tropical greenery, teachers and naturalists will discuss the issues around the jungle’s destruction – a major concern for indigenous populations who use its species medicinally and who have inhabited the area for centuries.

Next you will be transferred to the Galapagos Islands, known as the “Enchanted Islands”, considered to be a ‘living laboratory’, home to species that are not found anywhere else on the planet. They encompass one of the most important National Parks in the world, with 97.5% of the land area devoted to conservation. Home to unusual and beautiful birds such as the Red and Blue-Footed Boobies, the Albatross, Marine Iguanas, enormous Sea Lions, and Giant Tortoises – you will find each island quite unique – some barren, some with black craggy shorelines and white silky sand, and some with lush vegetation.

Join us for a spectacular adventure and an unforgettable journey with breathtaking views, thunderous waterfalls, and lush vegetation – surrounding ancient ruins where local communities still exist today.

Program Cost


Includes Airport Applicable Taxes/Fees
+ $100 Student Application Fee
(Program cost subject to change after December 15, 2022)

Program Details

This Program Includes:

  • Round trip from Toronto to Quito, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, and all transfers
  • Full breakfasts & dinners; lunches also included while in Amazon
  • Accommodation at hotels while in Quito; in hotel or lodges while in Galapagos; and at Biological Research Stations or hotel lodges while in Amazon Jungle
  • Sites: Colonial town of Quito, Markets of Otavalo, Hike Mount Cotapaxi, Hot Springs
  • Visit to a local community village
  • Visits to key Galapagos Islands;
  • Galapagos National Park Fee and Transit Card Fee
  • Visit to Tortoise Reproduction Facility and Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Visit to Marine and Terrestrial Lava Tunnels & Flamingo Pond
  • Ocean swims & snorkeling in coves
  • Naturalist guided day and night walks through forests
  • Volunteer Projects at Biological Research Station

All excursions are included in the cost of this program.

Courses Offered Include:

    Prerequisite: Grade 10 Science, Academic
    Prerequisite: Grade 11 Biology, University Preparation
    Prerequisite: Grade 11 English, University Preparation
    Prerequisite: Any university, university/ college, or college prep course in Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian and World Studies or English
    Prerequisite: Any university/ college, or college preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies

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Program Dates

July 3
July 28

(2023 dates abroad are subject to change)

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