Italy & Croatia

Program Cost: $5,500

Plus $995 Applicable Taxes/Fees
Includes $100 Application Fee

July 3-10, 2020online

July 10-30, 2020onsite

(dates abroad subject to change)

Journey to Italy & Croatia

Journey along the Adriatic Coast to explore the cultural and historical connections between Italy and Croatia! On this program students will visit the spectacular seaside towns, beaches, and islands along the Adriatic sea, traveling south from Venice, to Ravenna, Rimini, and Ancona, then eastward across the sea to Split, onwards to the islands of Hvar and Kornat, then north towards Zadar, Rab and Pula - it will, no doubt, be an experience of a lifetime!

Our journey begins in the Veneto region of northern Italy. We'll explore the "sinking city" of Venice, with its incredibly diverse architecture from the Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. We'll boat along the canals, walk through the narrow streets and bridges, and discover tiny shops and cafes that form part of the city's magnificent buildings. While stationed in Veneto, students will have the option to take a day trip to Verona, famous for being the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Students will visit the Casa di Giulietta, or House of Juliet, with its iconic balcony, and will have the option to watch an opera at the ancient Roman amphitheatre as part of the 2020 Verona Opera Festival.

We then head south to the Regional Park of the Po Delta for a day of hiking, biking, and boating in the waterways of a wetland nature reserve. The Po Delta consists of many different ecological environments, from fossil dunes to lagoons to sand dunes filled with rich fauna & bird life. From the Po Delta we'll follow the coastline to some of Italy's most famous seaside resort towns. Rimini, with its 15-kilometre-long sandy beach and ancient Roman ruins, is sure to impress! So too will, Ravenna, an inland city connected to the Adriatic Sea by the Candiano Canal. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ravenna is famous for its late Roman, Byzantine, and early Christian monuments and mosaics. Finally, we end our sojourn in Ancona, a bustling port city, where we'll take a ferry across the sea to Croatia.

Our first stop is Split, the second largest city in Croatia! Home to the spectacular palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, built in the fourth century, the palace now forms the core of the old town. It's also famous nowadays as the location for filming the fourth season of HBO's Game of Thrones! A short ferry ride from Split is the island Hvar, a treasure of the Adriatic and famous among Croatian artists and celebrities for its beaches and inland lavender fields.

We head next to Zadar, the main seaport of the northern Dalmatian islands with a lively contemporary arts scene. The ancient ruins, modern street festivals and markets, and picturesque landscape make our stay in Zadar a memorable one. As part of the Zadar Archipelago, students will have the option to explore by boat Kornati National Park, a protected marine environment with 109 islands of white stone. Students will enjoy sailing and swimming in the crystal waters off Kornat, the largest island in the archipelago.

Our journey takes us next to the island of Rab, known today as "Happy Island". The island is famous for its four bell towers which make it look like a ship with four masts. We'll climb to the Kamenjak Viewing Point, the highest point on Rab island, and trek back down to Paradise Beach, considered one of the top 100 beaches in the world!

We end our Adriatic adventure in Pula, famous for its incredibly preserved monuments from the Roman empire. We'll tour the ancient, gates, temples, and towers as well as the spectacularly well-preserved Roman amphitheatre. From Pula we'll take a ferry back to Venice for our last night to eat a traditional Venetian meal.

Our newest program is one that is sure to be a hit!

This Program Includes:

  • Round trip from Toronto & airport transfers
  • Accommodation in air conditioned, centrally located hotels
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Academic instruction & course materials

Optional Program Enhancements

(not included in program cost)

  • Venice
  • Farmhouse Cooking Class
  • Island of Capri
  • Hike Mt. Vesuvius

You're sure to be amazed by the cultural connections between Italy & Croatia!

While in Italy

  • St. Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, Venice
  • Boat ride along the canals in Venice
  • Po Delta Regional Park
  • National Museum, Mosaics in Ravenna
  • Tomb of Dante Alighieri, Ravenna
  • Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge in Rimini
  • Rimini beaches
  • Arch of Trajan, Ancona
  • Ancona Cathedral and old port town

While in Croatia

  • Palace of Diocletian & Archaeological Museum, Split
  • St. Stephans Square and Cathedral, Hvar​
  • Venetian Loggia and Clock Tower, Hvar
  • Hvar Beaches
  • Venetian Gates & Roman Forum in Zadar
  • Five Wells Square, Zadar
  • Kamenjak Viewing Point & Paradise Beach, Rab
  • Archaeological Park (incl. amphitheatre) & Archaeological Museum, Pula


Courses Offered:

Prerequisite: Grade 10 English, Academic

Prerequisite: Grade 11 English, University Preparation

Prerequisite: Visual Arts, Grade 9 or 10, Open

Prerequisite: Visual Arts, Grade 11 (AVI3M), or Photography, Grade 11 (AWQ3M)

Prerequisite: Italian, Level 1 Academic or Level 2, University Preparation

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