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We offer parents comfort and confidence in our programs: our teachers are seasoned travellers with a wealth of experience; our staff onsite have First Aid + CPR training; and our staff at home are available for assistance 24-7 while students are abroad. All of this ensures a safe and satisfying experience for students and parents. This has been our business for over 20 years and we've had thousands of happy parents.

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“My daughter has done two summer educational travel trips with Global Journeys, and I can’t say enough great things about the program. This is a wonderful way for kids to earn high school credits while travelling abroad, and an even better launch point into their adult life. The staff are amazing … every detail is covered and I felt absolutely at ease with the idea that she was travelling under the supervision of responsible group leaders and teachers, and not myself! They provide high school students with an amazing opportunity to see the world while studying, and balance it all out with fun, local excursions. A wonderful way for kids to learn to be independent and open to new challenges and adventures. I only wish we had found out about this sooner, as we definitely would have done two more.”

– Paula Tizzard

“Global Journeys was an incredible experience for my son. Not only did he earn a school credit, but so much more. He came back with more self-confidence and a renewed interest in education and life. I look forward to my daughter attending Global Journeys in the next couple of years. I will be eager to see where she wants to go and to hear about her journey. My experience with the home team and the teachers is well etched in my mind. There were all great to work with and responded to my needs and enquiries as they come up. Thank you for opening my son’s eyes to adventure and I look forward to another one soon.”

– Brenda Cairns

“My son went on the Italy/Malta trip this summer to complete his grade 12 English credit. From the minute we met Lisa at the information meeting I knew Global Journeys was the way to go. Now that he is home I can confidently say that we made the right choice. The staff was incredible (both office staff and teachers), the education was right on ……challenging, yet enjoyable, and the experience he had cannot be described. Thank you Global Journeys! Looking forward to sending another child in two years!”

– Denise Diab

"Global Journeys provided an amazing educational experience for my daughter. The organization is thorough and professional and student wellbeing is always a top priority. As well, the learning experience was extraordinary. The teachers were outstanding, and of course, learning biology in the rainforest couldn't be beat! Overall, I highly recommend Global Journeys."

- Helen Brown

"My daughter and 3 friends went on the Ecuador/Peru/Galapagos trip. Overall the trip was fantastic! Heather was able to see many cool things that she said she may never otherwise have seen. Her group had the awesome experience of visiting Cotopaxi, the Amazon Rainforest, Quito, and Machu Picchu. Many fun outings included banana tree planting, hiking up a volcano, snorkelling with sea lions, visiting the Darwin Centre, and taking in the local way of life."

- Lynda Pollock

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