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We offer our students exceptional programs that bring learning to life: study Biology in the Galapagos islands; Classical Studies in Greece & Italy; English in the United Kingdom; French in France or Morocco - the opportunities will amaze you! Our small class sizes ensure students have one-on-one support; our amazing teachers inspire, encourage, and make learning fun; and our onsite activities extend learning beyond the classroom or textbook. This will be a learning experience like no other!

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"Traveling with Global Journeys is an AMAZING opportunity for students who love to learn and want to see the world. In July I went to Ecuador and Peru while achieving my Gr.12 English credit. My teacher crafted the curriculum specifically to the location, which perfectly blended our travels with our learning."

– Kenzie Laskin, Ecuador & Peru, 2018

"Where can I start? This experience was amazing - getting to see the world and study at the same time. Prior to the trip, I was worried about the study / travel balance but I never felt overwhelmed or that at any point I was stressed trying to hand in assignments or study for tests. School never interfered with my enjoyment of travelling. Both teachers were incredible, and the small group of us got along well and had a great time! Global Journeys was very organised and were quick to reply to any email and answer any questions we had. Worth every penny!"

– Kate Allsebrook, Morocco & Spain, 2018

– Suvar Sookdeo, Greece & Italy 2017, England, Scotland, Ireland, 2016

"My experience with Global Journeys was incredible. I got my Gr.11 Biology credit while studying and exploring in Costa Rica! Waking up in the rainforest, going on daily hikes, visiting waterfalls, zip-lining and spending the day at the hot springs are just some of the highlights I had with Global Journeys. The learning environment was also spectacular. All of our classes were held at a research centre in Costa Rica, which had all the supplies needed for me to succeed. I learned so much on the online portion of the course which was 2 weeks before the trip. The teacher was so amazing and gave face-time lessons. This was my most favourite course I have ever taken. Thank you Global Journeys for providing me with a trip of a lifetime!!!"

– Julia Billings, Costa Rica, 2016

"My time with Global Journeys summer program was one of the highlights of my life and I left with memories that I will cherish forever. My roommate from Global Journeys is actually still my roommate today, five years into undergrad. The coordinators and teachers kept our schedule interesting and busy but never so much so that I felt overwhelmed or that I couldn't complete an assignment. Doing an English class in Europe is so much more fulfilling than in your high school classroom, I can promise you that!"

– Ivana Peloza, Europe & the Arts, 2013

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